Dune (Audio CD)


Soundtrack for Dune was composed by a French artist Stéphane Picq. Working with programmer and Cryo co-founder, Remi Herbulot, he came up with HERAD, a music tool for the FM soundcard AdLib, which allowed the music written for the FM chip to be more expressive and to achieve more unique sounds. Using the HERAD system, Stéphane wrote the soundtrack to Dune, which has been critically praised as being one of the best soundtracks for DOS games.
Philippe Ulrich, the art director on Dune was such a big fan of Stéphane's soundtrack, he convinced Virgin Records to release a CD album for the game. Both Stéphane and Philippe reworked several tracks from the game and re-recorded them using professional instruments. Again, all instruments were performed live and many of the samples used were recorded by Stéphane personally, utilizing very little presets or sample libraries.

Album artist (in general)
Stéphane Picq / Cryo
Game title / year
Game developer / publisher
Cryo Interactive Entertainment / Virgin Games
Game category / genre
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