Grand Theft Auto (GTA)


All music composed by Craig Conner, Colin Anderson and Grant Middleton. Grand Theft Auto has seven "radio stations", plus a police band track, which can be heard once the player enters a car; however, each vehicle can only receive a limited number of these radio stations. The Collector's Edition of the PC version included the soundtrack on a separate CD. The track-listing gives the names of the fictional radio stations, bands and their tracks, and for some of them the fictional album that they are from.
The game's main theme is "Gangster Friday" by Craig Conner, credited to the fictitious band Slumpussy, and is played on N-CT FM. With the exception of Head Radio FM, the names of songs or the radio station names are never mentioned in-game. However, the soundtrack is listed in the booklet which comes with the game.

Album artist (in general)
Craig Conner, Colin Anderson, Grant Middleton
Game title / year
Game developer / publisher
DMA Design Limited / BMG Interactive Entertainment
Game category / genre
Game sub-genre
action-adventure, crime, driving

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