Inca (Audio CD)


Music composed and arranged by Gilles Douieb. Originally released on diskettes (with music composed by Charles Callet), the game was also released as Inca Multimedia CD. The remake provides some longer or additional cutscenes and an updated soundtrack (as well as full voiceover soundtrack) in Audio CD format, read directly from the disc; the introduction features the song "Inca People" by J.M. Marrier composed for the game.

Lyrics & Vocals: J.M.Marrier, Guitar: P.Falcao, Keyboard: B.Sourisse.

Album artist (in general)
Gilles Douieb / Coktel Vision
Game title / year
Game developer / publisher
Coktel Vision / Sierra On‑Line, Inc.
Game category / genre
Game sub-genre
sci-fi, historic

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