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|  Andrew Vrba
13.06.2022, 21:27 
<p>While the MS-DOS port of the Data East arcade game is a faithful one, and offers various graphical and sound options(Tandy 1000 users rejoice), the game is hampered by it's difficulty. It is just as hard as the arcade original, but now you cannot continue. So the game must be miraculously beaten on one life.</p>
|  Andrew Vrba
20.11.2010, 11:14 
Confusing, contrived, a royal pain to use. Everything that the real Amiga wasn't! An emulator, is usually a simple affair. You load a game, and play it. But the developers of WinUAE thought that was a silly idea. Getting anything to run on this emulator takes at least a minute or two of configuring and tinkering, and almost nothing runs right on the first attempt. You will spend more time configuring games than playing them. The program boasts a very high compatibility rate, but you wouldn't know it by trying it for yourself.
|  Andrew Vrba
04.11.2010, 16:23 
Double Dragon for the PC was a very rare gem in the world of Arcade to PC ports. You see, back then most ports were these terribly rushed, badly coded games that looked cheap and played like crap! But this port was so well done that you could actually go so far as to call it a faithful one. So much so, that the only thing missing is the music, a common omission in those days. The gameplay is almost arcade perfect, and looks good on both CGA and EGA displays, and unlike the NES version which isn't even close to arcade perfect, you can have simultaneous co-op play!
výsledkov: 3 [ 1-3/3 ]   «predchádzajúce 0 nasledujúce»

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