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Might & Magic X: Legacy - Worldmap

made by DJ in 2014 @ www.oldgames.sk

map v0.94, last update: 2014/7/2

Agyn Peninsula Interactive Map
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In-game grid coordinates displays at the top/center after moving mouse over the map.

Left mouse click on the map allows you to create external link to the map point with your own text message...

Position (longitude, latitude): 0,0

Grid coordinates: 0,0

External links to the map

You can point to the map on this page by adding the string  #coords=x,y&text=AAA  to the end of URL and map was centered to your x,y grid coordinates with infowindow text "AAA".
Example (new tab): link https://www.oldgames.sk/docs/Might-and-Magic/10/worldmap.html#coords=99,76&text=Seahaven centers map to the Seahaven town.

Map was created by combining in-game (automap) screenshots.

Thanks to

Limbic Entertainment GmhH — developers of Might & Magic X: Legacy
Google — Google maps api

© 2014 DJ @ www.oldgames.sk

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