Ishar: Legend of the Fortress

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Ishar: Legend of the Fortress came out in 1992 on Amiga, Atari ST and DOS and is a successor of Crystals of Arborea (1991). It takes place on the island of Kendoria. At the beginning, the player controls a warrior called Aramir, and he must defeat Krogh, an evil sorcerer who has killed lord Jarel. The game takes its name from Krogh's fortress, Ishar, whose name means "unknown" in the game's fictional elf language. In order to achieve this, the player's characters must travel across the whole island and, among other things, meet with the surviving companions of Jarel.
Most of Ishar takes place in an outdoor environment, which was original for computer roleplaying games of the time. It also featured a unique system to change the lineup of player characters: the player can have up to five characters at the same time, but each one will like or dislike his comrades. These preferences come into play when the player tries to recruit or dismiss a character, because the other characters will then vote for or against the recruitment or dismissal. If a character cannot be dismissed by a vote, it is possible for the player to have him assassinated by another character, but there is a risk that other characters will murder the murderer himself, possibly creating a chain of murders that slays the whole party but one.

Azalhgorms Tale
Azalhgorm took a deep breath and began his tale.
"This land was once called Arborea. Morgoth, Lord of Evil and Chaos, decided to make Arborea his own. His dark powers soon subdued the land. But Jarel, Prince of the Elves fought against this evil-succesful in his quest for the magic crystals of Harmony, he and his faithful companions finally destroyed Morgoth in an unforgettable battle (*).
Jarels companions are still alive and their names are engraved in every ones memory...Akeer, Olbar, Zach, Irvan, Thorm and Jon the Alchemist. After his victory Jarel became ruler of the whole land, which he renamed Kendoria. Under the leadership of Jarel and a wise Elven government the many peoples of Kendoria lived health and wealth. Sadly Jarel was killed in a hunting accident, and as his succesors struggled violently for power anarchy spread through the whole land. Taking advantage of the troubled situation people of many different races crossed into Kendoria from nearby, poorer lands. Many were traders or fanners...but some were adventurers and mercenaries. Such a one was Krogh...a shady and powerful figure..."

Azalhgorm paused. He was troubled by these memories of the past., he coughed slightly and his deep, low voice echoed once again...
"Krogh has grown rich and powerful and built a temple on the Kingdoms borders. The temple is called "Ishar" which means Unknown in the Elven tongue. Krogh is evil and like Morgoth in the past, threatens Kendoria. his powers are great...he seeks the return of darkness. Leave now for Ishar and regain the throne of Jarel."
It was already dark. I could barely see Azalhgorms face as, feeling puzzled, I bid him farewell and began my long journey to the mysterious land of Kendoria.