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Spells will last a certain length of time, depending on the character's magical powers. There are ten different levels of spell casters (1-10). Some spells are only available to certain classes. You can learn new spells during magical training courses.

To cast spell, a character must have enough psychic energy. If his psychic energy level is too low, the spell no effect. The efficiency and length of the spell also depends on intelligence level (wizards) and wisdom level (clerics).

Spells are available for two main caster classes - clerics and wizards. There are also two alternate caster sub-classes for each main class

  • Wizard - Monk, Priest
  • Cleric - Ranger, Paladin

Main classes can learn all higher spell levels, but alternate classes only first. There are some characters with out-of-class pre-learned spells like Kiriela (Healing) or Morgula (Anti-Krogh).