Ishar 2: Messengers of Doom

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Ishar 2: Messengers of Doom was published in 1993 on Amiga, Atari ST and DOS. In Ishar 2, the player starts with the character of Zubaran, who is the new lord of Ishar. He receives a vision that tells him to defeat the sorcerer Shandar. It is also possible to import a party of characters from the first Ishar. The game now takes place on an archipelago, each island bearing the name of one of Jarel's companions. Each island also features a different type of landscape: Irvan's island is covered with swamps, Akeer's and Olbar's are underground complexes, Zach's island is covered by a city, Jon's is mountainous, and Thorm's has treetop gangways in a forest.

This game has a combat system that's more ergonomic than in the first Ishar, and a day-night cycle in which shops are closed at night and the nightclub is closed by day. It also adds a bank. Saving the game does not remove gold from the player any more.

In "Crystals of Arborea", Jarel, Prince of the Elves, set out on a quest for the magic crystals in order to oppose the evil power of Morgoth, the black god banished by his peers. With the support of his faithful companions, he regenerated the harmony of the world of Arborea and killed Morgoth in a memorable fight. Then Jarel became the ruler of the whole land, re-named Kendoria. Under his government, Kendoria knew an era or prosperity and peace. On his death, his heirs fell upon one another and the country lost all its splendour.
In "Ishar, Legend of the Fortress", a group of adventurers travelled through Kendoria to conquer Ishar, a mysterious fortress. Ishar, which means "unknown" in the Elven tongue, belonged to Krogh, the devilish offspring of Morgoth and the witch Morgula, who was threatening to reduce the whole population to slavery. After many adventures, the companions found Ishar and destroyed Krogh.

Ishar became a cultural and intellectual centre, casting its radiance over the whole archipelago of Arborea, which consists of seven islands: the Isle of Kendoria and six others each bearing the name of one of Jarel's companions. Thanks to massive immigration by the peoples of the Northlands, submerged by the sea, Zach, the best known of the islands, developed rapidly and remains a very important city today. The other islands are inhabited by different races at various levels of development.
One fine morning, Zurbaran, the new Ruler of Ishar, received an unusual visitor ...