Bio Menace


Bio Menace's music is pretty standard for DOS games of 1993. It uses id's music format (IMF) which only allows for FM synthesis. Each episode used music from other episodes, but also had its own special music. Every one of the unique tracks has been recorded.
Bobby Prince
did a okay job with the composition, but it doesn't sound as refined as Wolfenstein 3D (DOS) or Commander Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle (DOS). The original music was written in Sequencer Plus Gold in MIDI format, but it was targeted towards AdLib quality audio. Prince remixed a few of these songs and targeted them for higher quality MIDI.

Album artist (in general)
Robert Prince
Game title / year
Game developer / publisher
Apogee Software, Ltd. / Apogee Software, Ltd.
Game category / genre
Game sub-genre
platform, side-scrolling

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