Secret of Monkey Island (Audio CD)


Michael Z. Land worked on this soundtrack with Barney Jones, Patric Mundy, and Andy Newell and was his first project at LucasArts. The soundtrack of the game gave the composer a chance to show his flexibility, as it is almost entirely made up of Caribbean-flavored themes, something different from anything Land had composed before. His music from Monkey Island has been performed live by a full orchestra at the Symphonic Game Music Concert in 2004.
The sound engine used in Monkey Island bothered Land, however. He found it nearly impossible to synchronize music with action in the game. Land began work on LucasArts' iMUSE interactive music system to solve this problem...

Album artist (in general)
Michael Z. Land / LucasArts
Game developer / publisher
Lucasfilm Games / LucasArts
Game category / genre
Game sub-genre
pirates, fun

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