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Pool of Radiance - Translation Wheel

Translation Decoder Wheel

Runes on outer and inner circle (Easpruar/Dethrek) on this codewheel are the same as at the others SSI's Golbox game codewheels like Curse of the Azure Bonds and Hillsfar, but words under the paths are different.
After the title screen, a copy protection screen was displayed consisting of two pictures (symbols of Espruar Rune and Dethek Rune) and a line (Path). The player was required to use this decoder wheel to line up the pictures, then enter the word revealed on the code wheel under the Path line. After three unsuccessful attempts, the game automatically shut down. In Pool of Radiance the Codewheel is used also for some in-game puzzles like translation of ancient elf runes to english from parchement scroll in Sokal Keep...

The Game

Pool of Radiance, released in 1988, was the first of a long series of tactical role-playing games that shared a common engine that came to be known as the Gold Box Engine. The game takes place in the AD&D: Forgotten Realms setting, in and around the Moonsea region and the City of Phlan, which has been overrun by forces of evil. The city had originally held off many attacks, but the forces were marshalled by a bronze dragon which was believed to be possessed by a powerful spirit named Tyranthraxus.

Just as in traditional D&D games, the player starts by building a party of up to six characters, deciding the race, sex, class and ability scores for each. The player's party is enlisted to help the settled part of the city by clearing out the marauding inhabitants that have taken over the surroundings. The characters move on from one area to another, battling bands of enemies as they go and ultimately confronting the powerful leader of the evil forces. During play the player characters gain experience points, which allow them to increase their capabilities.


Instructions: You can turn the wheel by drag & move the mouse over or press the left/right arrow keys on your keyboard or by click on arrow-buttons. At the top of the page, click on layer buttons to select Active code wheel layer.