Welcome to Cadaver Secret Shrine ~ a tribute to Bitmap Brother's game where You can find some reviews, a rework of the manual, story around Karadoc and Castle Wulf and complete walkthrought for every level of Cadaver with the interactive maps and room screenshots...

Take on the role of Karadoc, who is languishing in a grim dungeon. Your long term objective is unknown and only discovered as you explore.
    *Features hundreds of rooms to explore and puzzles to solve.
    *Isometric 3D view
    *Eight directional movement.
Enjoy the continued experience of Cadaver with an additional 200 dungeons and rooms to explore, with the Payoff expansion disk."
~ Back-cover text from the Kixx XL Version


Cadaver was released 1990 for the Commodore Amiga and the Atari ST, later for IBM PC and Acorn Archimedes. The level disk Cadaver: The Payoff followed a few months later to continue the story around the dwarf Karadoc. There where also three demo versions each with a unique level. Cadaver was re-released under the low-budged-label Kixx XL together with The Payoff for the Amiga in 1994 and with Magic Pockets, Gods,Speedball 2 and Xenon 2 as a part of The Bitmap Brothers Compilation for the IBM PC on CD-ROM in 1995.

Cadaver Credits

Mike Montgomery, Steve Kelly (Coding), Phil Wilcock (Level Desing),
Dan Malone (Architectual and Creature Graphics), Robin Chapman (Title and Object Graphics),
Richard Joseph (Music und Soundeffects), Sean Griffiths (additional Coding)
Graeme Boxall (Game Co-ordination), The Word Company (Manual & Introduction)
Mike Montgomery, Steve Kelly, Eric Matthews ( Production & Concept)

This page is my tribute to the Bitmap Brother's game Cadaver and it's based on abandoned Cadaver Secret Shrine from 2001-04 by kametyken, hosted on in the past.