'Gate House' Demo (Amiga Format Coverdisk #13)

This demo appeared first exclusive on the Coverdisk #13 of 'Amiga Format' (Issue #13, August 1990). This demo was patched by J.F. Fabre lately because the former version was incompatible towards emulators or "contemporary" Amigas.
The demo shows an early version of the game, the controls are different from the final game and the other demos.
We'll find Karadoc in the Gatehouse of Castle Wulf (that's why I called it 'Gate House' Demo).

'Temple' Demo (Zero Coverdisk #8)

This demo was made for the Amiga and the Atari ST exclusive for the 'Zero' magazine (Issue #16, February 1991).
The Amiga version was patched by J.F. Fabre to be A1200/4000 and HD compatible.
The gameplay of the 'Temple' Demo is well done and some of the puzzles are rather tricky. The 'Temple' Demo is in my opinion the hardest of the Cadaver demos.

'The Last Supper' Demo (Zero Coverdisk #15)

The well-known 'Last Supper' Demo was (afaik) not developed by The Bitmap Brothers but by a group called 'Soldiers of Hell'. It was released on the 'Soldiers of Hell' Party and appeared on 'Zero' Coverdisk #15 (Issue #23, September 1991). Funny enough, the label on the coverdisk shows a mirrored picture from the 'Temple' Demo - not from 'The Last Supper'.
J.F. Fabre patched this demo for A1200/4000/HD compatibility.
The plot is set after 'The Payoff' and it's the last adventure of Karadoc.