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23.12.2015, 22:33 
I'd like to wish DJ (and everyone else who helps run this site), as well as to everyone who visits this site a Merry Christmas and may 2016 bring you all everything that you need in order to be happy. Thanks for sharing the good games of old with us. Peace, health and happiness to all :)
I'd like to give a suggestion for two almost forgotten gems of the past. Both of them are similar to Jagged Alliance, but have been put on oblivion, it seems. One is [b]Wages of War[/b] ( http://www.mobygames.com/game/wages-of-war-the-business-of-battle ), a similar game to Jagged Alliance, where one also has to control a squad of mercenaries. The other is [b]Soldiers at War[/b] ( http://www.mobygames.com/game/windows/soldiers-at-war ), also isometric and turn-based, but this time set in the WW2 setting. We never got many games like these. Check them out and think about it. Thanks
17.01.2015, 16:13 
Is it possible to upload the [b]Whale's Voyage[/b] games? http://www.mobygames.com/game-group/whales-voyage-series Whale's Voyage is one of the least well-known sci-fi RPGs. A mixture between [b]Elite [/b]and [b]Dungeon Master[/b]. Unfortunately [b]Whale's Voyage 2[/b] was only released in german, but I have a modified english version. Unfortunately I can't run it because it's a DOS game. Thanks in advance.
24.12.2014, 15:37 
A Merry Xmas to all the people behind this wonderful site. And to all those who read this. Peace!
21.11.2014, 13:30 
Now that Elite: Dangerous is about to be launched how about uploading Elite 2? ;) Thanks
This game is from the creators of the original [b]XCOM [/b]series. It sure would be a nice addition to this site. ;)
How about including these 3 classics on your site, DJ? [b]MECHWARRIOR 2[/b] - The great classic in "giant mech combat" (a genre which has long been abandoned in gaming, unfortunately). And it seems GOG isn't much interested in putting this classic for sale on their site. :( [b]PROTOSTAR[/b] - The great classic of space trade gaming. The unnoficial sequel to "Starflight2". [b]WHALE'S VOYAGE [/b]- A space exploration/trading game. Thanks
29.08.2012, 13:26 
How about adding this great classic of Mech combat, DJ? ;) Thanks in advance.
You have to copy the ISO files to CD format. Use a CD burning software like NERO and convert the files to CD.
DJ Do you think you can upload the CD version of Air Power? It's really, really hard to find. And it's one of the least known "Steampunk" games. Thanks in advance
13.03.2011, 00:44 
Or perhaps even one for Shadowlands? ;) http://www.mobygames.com/game/shadowlands http://www.mobygames.com/game/shadoworlds
15.02.2011, 23:11 
The game you're talking about is "Cyber Empires".
29.11.2010, 21:04 
Great! :D Thank you very much, DJ.
And do you think it's possible to upload Central Intelligence (a very underrated strategy game from Ocean) and CyClones (one of Raven Software's least known FPS)? Thanks, DJ
28.11.2010, 13:18 
DJ, is it possible to upload the "Incubation" series? And "Battle Isle 2220"? Then you'd have the entire "Battle Isle" series here. Thanks.
I've been playing the game recently (the DJ package) and it works fine. I'm running it on XP.
I tried doing that. It only makes things worse (makes joystick unusable even in game's menus). I've done some searching and I think it may be related to DOSBox itself. I don't know...
I've been trying to play the game with an USB "ThrustMaster" joystick. The joystick works perfectly in the game's menus. Unfortunately, during flight, I can't control the plane as it is always leaning right, making flight impossible. Can anyone help me, please? :(
Could you, please, upload the following games from ORIGIN? - Strike Commander - Pacific Strike - Wings of Glory Thanks, DJ
14.03.2010, 13:58 
I don't know if this game is already abandonware, as Sir-Tech (the publisher) has gone out of business. If so, is it possible for you you to upload it? Thanks
Do you think you could make install packages for both these games? Thanks in advance.
03.03.2010, 10:08 
Thanks, DJ.
20.02.2010, 13:49 
I also suggest "Hammer of the Gods". When it was launched it was considered one of the best strategy games of its time. Still, its graphics and interface kept many people at bay. A classic and very difficult to find.
An underrated classic from Sierra. A Strategy/RPG hybrid, which was too advanced for its time, I guess (the game's interface didn't help either). Do you think you could upload it? Thanks in advance.
výsledkov: 24 [ 1-24/24 ]   «predchádzajúce 0 nasledujúce»

Kingdom Come: Deliverance
The Dame Was Loaded
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