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created by: dj, 07.03.2009, 12:41
modified by: dj, 07.02.2017, 09:24
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GraceFisher GraceFisher   | Hi 09.08.2021, 09:48:47     Reply   edit  delete 
It's great that you love the classics as much as I do !
Glenn C. Wooten Glenn C. Wooten   |  25.01.2019, 08:51:35     Reply   edit  delete 
jose madrid jose madrid   | Thanks! 03.10.2014, 21:54:15     Reply   edit  delete 
It is great to finally be able to find some classic games that I missed on years ago, thanks for your continued efforts towards keeping classic gaming alive guys!
Craig Craig   | I\'m back 22.03.2012, 19:14:45     Reply   edit  delete 
I was a member a while back and just got settled in..Relocated to Alabama and now have a little free I've missed this site. So many great games and always helpful members. Granted, Im still a " noob " in many aspects I still hope to contribute and help if I can. Thanks for having me. Feels good to be back. :)
tamerlana tamerlana   | Thank you for site! 20.03.2012, 15:25:42     Reply   edit  delete 
I registered just to thank you for awesome old game radio. However, I've also found out now that I can download some cool old games too, so I wanted to thank the authors and other people that are connected to this project. With you too old games stay alive)

Tamara (Russia)
Daniel Daniel   |  01.12.2011, 21:53:27     Reply   edit  delete 
Just wanted to say that this site rocks and that it is nice to see that these old games still lives on.

Best Regards Daniel (Sweden)
Teppo Teppo   | Awesome! 01.04.2011, 19:35:04     Reply   edit  delete 
I had to register and get myself a premium account to download some ISO games.. and have to say, after downloading and installing a few, going to be doing that a lot more. This is just awesome. I've got most of them already on cd's back home, but it's a bit difficult to get most working on my own, and I am lazy..

This way I can do it simply by installing! :)

Definitely getting a years subscription when my current one goes old. It's worth it even if I did not have any need to download anything anymore. :)
Scott Robson Scott Robson   | Well done 19.09.2010, 02:09:05     Reply   edit  delete 
Well done guys.

- For keeping the site free
- For setting the games up with DOSbox too.

That's really cool. I've enjoyed my bit retro gaming of late. We've come a long way though haven't we? :)
Hans Evans Hans Evans   |  31.07.2010, 15:56:29     Reply   edit  delete 
Easily one of the best sites for classic video games. That being said, are the install packages compatible with Windows 7? I ask only because I'm getting a new rig with that OS.
Ricky Derocher Ricky Derocher   |  25.05.2010, 01:01:20     Reply   edit  delete 
Your site is fantastic! Keep up the good work!
pita pita   | nice =) 26.02.2010, 11:56:34     Reply   edit  delete 
greetins from Poland! very nice stuff. many unique games!
anyway, if you will ever need to find old game, try this search engine:
Ian Davis Ian Davis   |  15.02.2010, 23:02:25     Reply   edit  delete 
Pretty much the coolest thing I've found in a long time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the prepackaged dosbox games. I'll be a premium subscriber soon!
urmas urmas   | dosgamer125 11.02.2010, 07:37:21     Reply   edit  delete 
thanks for this site i knew this site before but i did not register to this site today i registred this site owns keep it up!
Clint Thomas Clint Thomas   |  24.01.2010, 16:54:45     Reply   edit  delete 
Hi just recently Registerd with this amazing site!

I allways visit to see if there is any new additions!

Keep up the great work :)
DJ DJ   | OLD Win Games 25.10.2009, 10:18:47     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from bob:
Hi Bob, for Old Windows based games, it is very dificulty to run it on modern machines and systems. Best way is run it on Old computer with Win98 installed, or emulated machine under Virtual PC (Virtual Box).
But I make runable some of there, for examlpe: Entomorph, Warhammer, Carmageddon, Asghan), and I try your fighting games (FX fighter, Virtual figter). Stay tuned, and retro :-)...
bob bob   | OLD Win Games 24.10.2009, 18:34:16     Reply   edit  delete 
DJ i didn't know where to post this - ANYWAY STRAIGHT TO THE POINT!!
I see that the old games you repack in your own magic way are only dos games and i want to ask:
Is there a way that a win only game can be played with your knowledge-let's say for example Assassin 2015 or Fire Fight or Fx fighter turbo or virtua fighter???
KC KC   | Amazing 09.08.2009, 00:45:20     Reply   edit  delete 
I'd like to just thank you guys for making an amazing site. You make everything so easy for the users. Straightforward links, descriptive information regarding the games and what the downloads contain, self installers/extractors for the game, PRECONFIGURED DOSBOX, double click and pay functionality. I mean, wow guys.

This is a model for all other sites. To have so many features and provide free service to users is just plain great.

Thanks for letting me enjoy some of these old classics. Keep up the good work! I'm recommending this site to anyone interested I come across.
Lennejo Lennejo   |  26.03.2009, 18:24:00     Reply   edit  delete 
An absolutely fantastic site! The best of its kind in the whole web (and believe me, I've seen ma-any of them - and still nothing compares 2 yours:))). Best wishes from Seychelles!!!
DJ DJ   | Re: rip off 12.03.2009, 23:57:03     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from sfddfs:
Hallo sfddfs, what is your name?
At this server, You don't pay for games. You pay for download the data files through PREMIUM account, and you share our fees for traffic.
If you are satisfied with our services - Install Packages with old games (that are not nomally runable from Windows XP/Wista) for Windows, buy the PREMIUM account and download it. If you are not happy, don't pay and don't download files from this server, you may buy old games on eBay or Amazon.
sfddfs sfddfs   | rip off 10.03.2009, 03:28:19     Reply   edit  delete 
why should i pay for games that are actually illigal to download?
smells like a scam to me.
HappyMondays HappyMondays   |  06.03.2009, 00:13:03     Reply   edit  delete 
Best abandonware site ever. Congratulations DJ. I even like the mag section, although I don't speak Czech nor Slovakian.:)
A.VenatorHelveti A.VenatorHelveti   |  03.02.2009, 12:38:49     Reply   edit  delete 
Great site!
I don't know any other, where you get the games as *.isos with dosbox included and configured. Thanks a lot for your efforts!
Best wishes from Switzerland
houstontx224 houstontx224   |  15.01.2009, 01:10:30     Reply   edit  delete 
I just happened across this site. It's the best! It brings back memories of games I always wanted to complete..and now I can. Thanks for all the hard work you guys/gals do.
rolika rolika   |  06.01.2009, 12:10:56     Reply   edit  delete 
really love this site
it woke up nice memories of old gaming days
thanks for it
DJ DJ   |  30.12.2008, 09:54:06     Reply   edit  delete 
Thanx Daniel from Brazil ;-)

and Happy New Year 2009 for all OldGames fans
daniel mazzei sy daniel mazzei sy   |  26.12.2008, 12:44:56     Reply   edit  delete 
Hello, i´m from SP-Brazil
starting to play games until ´89, in my very,very old Apple II Plus...
It´s amazing to see here that games, from my PC now!
Thanks to DJ Old Games to bring back my game memories :)
Long Life to DJ :)

Galera do Brasil - este site contem os melhores e mais antigos e impossiveis jogos a serem achados - nem no google tem tanta variedade...
Michael Michael   |  23.12.2008, 07:58:59     Reply   edit  delete 
Just found this site earlier today and what a beauty! Great work guys! Merry Christmas from Denmark.
Vaclav Vaclav   |  26.11.2008, 12:13:22     Reply   edit  delete 
Dj jsi fakt borec, denně zírám na aktualizace a nevim co brát dřív :D koušu si nehty očekávánim každé nové cd verze . . . .
DJ DJ   |  24.11.2008, 17:42:56     Reply   edit  delete 
Vaclav: ahoj, dakujem za pochvalu. Odpovedal som ti na slovenskej verzii odkazovaca.

Lands of Lore 2 and 3 Full CD coming soon my friends...
Vaclav Vaclav   |  23.11.2008, 12:40:33     Reply   edit  delete 
Zdravím z Prahy chtěl bych upozornit na to že podle mě jste NEJLEPŠÍ abandon stránka a to jich znám hodně . . . . mam od vás už spoustu her protože vaše kompilace které se samy instalují jsou ten nejlepší nápad, nemusim pořád pouštět dosbox a mountovat, jen spustim zástupce prostě lahoda . . . FAKT moc děkuji že jste, denně sleduji vaše aktualizace a očekávám další skvělé tituly . . . za LANDS OF LORE 3 bych trhal ruce . . .
Jorge Jorge   |  17.11.2008, 17:03:19     Reply   edit  delete 
your page is the best friend. Thank you for all!
fikocey fikocey   |  07.09.2006, 08:39:28     Reply   edit  delete 
i love this site, high-class, quality games be here, pleasure be a part of here, keep going.
DJ DJ   |  13.05.2006, 13:07:15     Reply   edit  delete 
osru -> THNX
osru osru   |  11.05.2006, 23:13:34     Reply   edit  delete 
Hi everyone! I think your site is very interesting and useful. I always bookmarked it.
DJ DJ   |  04.05.2006, 19:58:11     Reply   edit  delete 
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