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User Points - uPoints

Any registered user can collect the user points - uPoints.
These points characterize user activity on the site and then can be exchanged for a Premium account. Through uPoints administrator rewards users for contributions, which are published after approval by the

Activity rewards
action uPoints
comment on the game / discussion 1
rate the game 1
log-in to (applies only 1x per day) 3
screenshot from the game (png/gif) with description 20
review 2000
short description of the game 2000
walkthrough / solution / game guide 3000
scanned manual, cluebook, map... from 3000

The contribution sent to us, must be made by yourself, namely its own, not downloaded from the other web sites / magazines, or otherwise copied.
UPoints for those contributions (excluding the first three activities, they are automatic), the administrator will allocate its inspection and publication. Items listed in the table are therefore indicative (at least) and a higher quality can of course assign more points.
Users also rewarded for any assistance in complementing / corrected information on Old Games and participate in improving web content.

Contribution details
  • Screenshots: must be from the game, idealy generated directly in emulator (DOSBox, Fusion ...) with disabled special effects and filters (2xSAI, etc..), in their original unchanged size and color depth and lossless quality format (. PNG,. GIF). Description to be supplied to each picture must include the name of platforms (PC, Amiga, Genesis, SNES ,...) and their own short text in English. [ example of screenshots with descriptions ]
  • Game descriptions / main info: for many games are missing descriptions - a brief presentation of the game with a minimum of subjective opinions. An important part of the description are a summary of facts, short history of, outline the story, atmosphere, graphics, sounds, gameplay description, some game or some interesting arrangements, the differences between versions for different platforms. When You writing the description, is appropriate to check yourt knowledge of the game and supplement facts on the web like Wikipedia , MobyGames , or reviews in magazines. Description, as well as other text contributions may be in English, Slovak or Czech. [ example of good description ]
  • Reviews: can now include subjective views of the user, the resulting verdict and personal rating. They may also contains pictures.
  • Scan of documents: scan in 300dpi resolution, set the best contrast to the reduction of the pages readable text. After scanning is good to make adjustments as cropping, rotation, etc.. The result is each page scanned separately, named after its number (Excalibur13-001.jpg) in JPEG format, the quality of at least 80%.
Shipping: all text contributions preferably by e-mail to with the subject CONTRIBUITION, or directly through the form on these pages (when the service will be ready). The texts can also be as attachment in e-mail, formatted as MS Word documents, images also particularly attached.
With data of large documents such as scans, it is ideal upload packed archive (zip, rar, 7z) on upload server like, and send us downoload links.

Convert uPoins to PREMIUM account

uPoints PREMIUM account duration
500 1 day
3000 1 week
10 000 1 month
20 000 1/2 year
30 000 1 year

Convert uPoints to Premium Account can be made directly in your user profile.
Important system messages and therefore a list of the uPoints (except the smallest values for the comments and logging ) can be displayed in the user profile, click on the link System log.

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