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Play the best classic old games online for free directly in your browser or mobile. OldGames.sk website supports online emulator of old IBM PCs with MS-DOS, ZX Spectrum and video game consoles like - NES / Famicom, SNES, Sega Master System, Mega Drive / Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Atari 2600, TurboGrafx-16 and many more. Play these classic retro games comfortably online in a new design at our subdomain online.OldGame.sk.



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Doom Doom Poster
Doom is a landmark title in the first-person shooter genre. It is widely recognized for pioneering immersive 3D graphics, networked multiplayer gaming on the PC platform, and support for custom expansions...
last update: 07.05.2021, games played: 0 
Doom 2: Hell on Earth
Doom 2: Hell on Earth Doom II - Poster
Doom II: Hell on Earth is a first-person shooter video game created by id Software. Immediately following the events in Doom, the player once again takes the role of the nameless space marine who has proven too tough for the forces of Hell to contain. After being teleported from Phobos, and subsequently fighting on Deimos which is hanging on top of Hell...
last update: 07.05.2021, games played: 0 
Dragonflight Dragonflight Poster
Dragonflight is a fantasy RPG with a top-down view on the gaming world and turn-based battles. It is the first role-playing game created ​​by Thalion and can be regarded as the spiritual predecessor of the famous Amber series (Amberstar, Ambermoon). The player is looking on the game environment from the bird's perspective, except in dungeons or battles, when the game switches to side-view with chessboard (like in the Might & Magic strategy). There are 10 dungeons to explore, encompassing 12 different cities and villages, all full of NPCs to interact with...
last update: 07.05.2021, games played: 1 
Ishar: Legend of the Fortress
Ishar: Legend of the Fortress Cover Art by Mark Harrison
The sequel to `Crystals Of Arborea` this game takes up the story some time after Prince Jarel's death. His successors fought among themselves for dominion of the Kingdom, renamed Kendoria. This led to anarchy and opened the way for evil mercenaries, such as the sorcerer Krogh. He grew rich and powerful and built a temple-fortress, called `Ishar`, meaning `Unknown` in Elvish. As it turns out, Krogh is the son of the evil Morgoth, whom Jarel destroyed in former Arborea...
last update: 13.05.2021, games played: 0 
System Shock
System Shock Poster: Level 1 (1/95)
System Shock is an action role-playing game developed by Looking Glass Technologies and published by Origin Systems. Released in 1994, the game is set aboard the fictional Citadel Station in a cyberpunk vision of 2072. Assuming the role of a nameless hacker, the player attempts to hinder the plans of a malevolent artificial intelligence...
last update: 01.06.2021, games played: 92 
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