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PREMIUM account

What is a PREMIUM account

PREMIUM account allows users to unlimited download of all files on our servers.
If you activate a PREMIUM account, you contribute and cooperate with our small retro-gaming comunity or you support our server with a small fee. The money we earn through premium accounts is used for paying our monthly/yearly server bills, with lot of bandwidth consumed with downloads.

PREMIUM account features
  • download all files larger than 60 MB
  • download with no limits (time, etc.)
How to get a PREMIUM account ?
  • First, you must be registered and logged to your account on
  • For activity in oldgames comments and discussion
  • For contributing your own review, detailed description, solution, maps, screenshots, etc.
  • For writing and publishing your "player's diary" from playing any old game, or any other article related to the topic of old games
  • For scanning physical materials of your original boxed games like manuals, maps, boxes, cluebooks, etc..
  • For scanning old gaming magazines that we do not have in the archives
  • For publishing your collection of boxed old games in our collections section with relevant photos
  • For make and publish maps created by using our online Dungeon Mapper
  • For active promoting on the Internet, external webs, forums, social networks
  • For buying us a beer, or any other positive activities with administrator ;-)
  • Donate a small financial fee - more info about payments below
What payment methods are supported?
  1. We currently support payments through PayPal. They support all major credit cards from most countries. (we're sorry for not supporting PayPal for now)
  2. Supports by portal
  3. We support payments as a Bank Transaction
Bank name: mBank S.A., pobočka zahraničnej banky
Address: Pribinova 10, 811 09 Bratislava, Slovakia
Account number: 520700 - 4200235283 / 8360   ( account / bank code )
IBAN: SK4983605207004200235283
Account name, address: MARTIN SCHMIDT, Pittsburgska 17, 01008 Zilina, Slovakia
Important: !!! to "Information for the beneficiary" type your login name (login) or e-mail !!!
With bank transfer, your PREMUIM account activation take a few days.

If you've any questions/troubles with the PREMIUM account activation, please contact me by email

PREMIUM account types and approximate prices for donation
Term Price (EUR) Price (USD) *
One week (7 days) 2,40 $ 2.70
One month (30 days) 3,40 $ 3.90
Six months (180 days) 6,40 $ 7.20
One year (365 days) 9,40 $ 10.60
* Prices in USD are calculatet with exchange rate: 1€ = $1.12; for actual foreign exchange rate check your Bank/PayPal...

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