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 Bard's Tale Trilogy (Remastered)
Bard's Tale Trilogy (Remastered)
2018, Krome Studios / inXile Entertainment
The Bard's Tale Trilogy was released in 2018 by Brian Fargo's comapny inXile Entertainment as a remaster of original versions from 1985 (1986, 1988). Remake was created by developers from Krome Studios with respect to the original game using Unity engine. Inspired by Apple IIgs / Atari ST version, the graphics of animated 2D images were hand-drawn in the same style into the higher resolution, while the graphics of the 3D view are completely three-dimensional. All the textures are faithful to the original and the whole style, the movement remained classic grid-base (square by square) with the possibility of mouse look in 3D window. From a gaming perspective, remaster allows a few simplifications (in Legacy Options can be turned off), adds an automap, new portraits and, for example, the player has the ability to create female characters...
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props? 1280x720 - 251,828 Kb | posted by? dj | date? 25.10.2018

Comments (3)

Richmond   Richmond (richmond) 
15.11.2018, 22:13:19      delete
Pěkný seznam jmen :) Z čeho pak to je? :) Ten Hero je výsledkem kouzla (jakého)? Protože má hodně dobrou AC. Taky koukám, že v původním díle byly hodnoty pod -9 zobrazeny jako "LO", takže trochu pokrok.
DJ   DJ (dj) 
17.11.2018, 17:54:14      delete
Ano, Hero je zakuzleny z predmetu, zo sosky. Myslim ze to je zrovna jeden z predmetov co do remasteru dodali z dalsich dielov, v originale BT1 nebol. Alebo to este moze byt Thor, ktory ma meno Hero, isty nie som ;-)
Richmond   Richmond (richmond) 
18.11.2018, 10:05:28      delete
Aha z figuríny. Taky jsme nějaké našel a chvíli mi trvalo (přesněji než jsem se kouknul do manuálu), že je možné z nich "vykouzlit" postavu, co bude bojovat na straně družiny.

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