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 Wolfenstein 3D: Cover of Darkness

release year
 Liso and Mek
 Liso and Mek
 3D-Action / FPS
genre / theme
 total conversion
Wolfenstein 3D: Cover of Darkness contains whole 6 episodes of brand new levels. The levels are mostly extensive and with a wide range of design types. Some of the new walls come from ROTT and most of the new actors', apart from the mutant, come from Image World. It all blends together quite well and it retains the Wolf3D atmosphere while having its own distinctive feel too...
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game added: 30.11.2010, 00:51 (Liso)
last update: 04.12.2010, 21:06 (Liso)
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Wolfenstein 3D: Cover of Darkness - The End...
The End...
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