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OldGames.sk contains many of the classic good old games for free download for platforms such as PC DOS, Amiga, Commodore 64, Apple II, Macintosh, Sega Genesis, NES, and SNES. Our goal is to revitalize old DOS games by making an install packages containing compiled old games with an emulator for modern systems (Windows XP/2000/Vista/7) that is configured for easy and trouble-free use, or you can play some games on-line in your browser through Flash/Java applet.
You can also "re-live" the good old days with the help of DOSBox, it can run plenty of the old classics that don't run on your new computer!
For all cartographers and retro-players who loves creating the maps especially for classic grid-based dungeon crawlers, we prepared a simple and functional program - Dungeon Mapper - for drawing maps directly in browser.
Collector's section contains a list of old original boxed games that users have at home in the shelf, with detailed description and photos and you can always add there your own online.
Simple Discussion forum » join up and discuss anything about old video games or computers...

Actual articles on blog:
Commodore Amiga: a visual Commpendium
 author: dj 04.05.2015   
Commodore Amiga: a visual Commpendium je nová kniha od Sama Dyera a jeho vydavateľstva Bitmap Books, zameraná na pamätníkov skvelého 16-bitového počítača Amiga a predovšetkým hier pre túto platformu vydaných. Upúta hlavne vynikajúcim grafickým spracovaním, kde takmer každá stránka obsahuje ako pozadie pekný pixel-art z konkrétnej hry spolu s komentárom jej dizajnéra, grafika, hudobníka, alebo programátora. Okrem toho v nej nájdete niekoľko Interview s vývojármi, články o hardware, software, demo scéne, profily firiem...
Gold Box séria (SSI)
 author: dj 11.03.2015   
Diskusia k všetkým cRPG hrám zo série Gold Box od firmy SSI, založených na rovnakom hernom engine s ťahovými súbojmi podľa pravidiel Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, ktorú charakterizovali hlavne originálne krabičky v zlatom prevedení. Medzi Goldboxy môžeme zaradiť celkovo 13 hier, podľa settingu ide o série: Pool of Radiance Forgotten Realms, Savage Frontier Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance a Buck Rogers...
Actual projects at oldgames.sk:
Dungeon Heroes
 author: Spiky 25.02.2014   
Dungeon Heroes is an RPG in the classic dungeon crawler style. Game features turn based combat, different characters to choose from, spell creation, equipment enhancement, tricky puzzles, hidden corridors and secret rooms, intense boss fights, etc. We began working on Dungeon Heroes at the start of 2014, and we're happy to share the results of our work with you. The demo contains the first level of the dungeon and introduces the story and the major features of the game...

Latest old games:
Tunnels & Trolls: Crusaders of Khazan
65% / 0% ( added: 14.04.2016 )  
[ Download Tunnels & Trolls for PC DOS, Package v2.07 (exe) ]
1990, New World Computing, Inc.   [ RPG ]
Crusaders of Khazan is a computer adaptation of the tabletop role-playing game Tunnels & Trolls (Ken St. Andre - Flying Buffalo, 1975), developed and published by New World Computing in 1990 for the PC, FM Towns, PC-88 and PC-98. The game is a fairly typical computer RPG of its era, featuring an icon-driven user interface, turn-based top-down combat and auto-mapping...
Abadía del Crimen Extensum, La
60% / 85% ( added: 02.04.2016 )  
[ Download Abbey of Crime Extensum (jar) ]
2016, Manuel Pazos & Daniel Celemin   [ Adventure ]
La Abadía del Crimen Extensum (The Abbey of Crime Extensum) is an remake of original 8-bit adventure with 3D isometric graphics for Amstrad CPC, MSX and ZX Spectrum from 1987. Manuel Pazos (programming), Daniel Celemín (graphics) and David Cañadas (music) bring us this excellent port to modern systems through the Java platform (Windows, Linux and Mac). The game was originally based on Umberto Eco's book - The Name of the Rose...
85% / 85% ( added: 13.02.2016 )  
[ Download R-Type for Amiga (adf) ]
1987, Irem   [ Action ]
R-Type is a side scrolling shoot-em-up arcade game produced by Irem in 1987, first published by Nintendo on Arcade coin-op machines. The player controls a space fighter named the R-9 to defend humanity against a mysterious powerful alien life-form known as the Bydo. The game is made up of several sequential levels, with a boss enemy at the end of each. The player controls a small spacecraft and must navigate terrain and fight enemies using the various ship weapons. The player's spacecraft has, by default, a weak but rapid-firing main gun, which can take out waves of weak fighters; and a more powerful gun called a wave cannon, which requires the player to hold their fire to build up power for the cannon. When released, this fires a concentrated bolt of energy which can do more damage to larger enemies...
Superbike Challenge
50% / 0% ( added: 30.10.2015 )  
[ Download Superbike Challenge for PC DOS (zip) ]
1987, Microïds   [ Racing ]
Superbike Challenge is an improved version of the original motorcycle racing game Grand Prix 500 cc developed by Microids. In addition an stronger bikes - 1000cc - bringing minor changes to the graphics on tracks, HUD and menu. There is the chance again to multiplayer for two players in vertical split-screen through the twelve tracks (including Assen, Siverstone, Suzuka, Bugatti, Mugello, or old Hockenheim) on a stand-alone race or across the World Championship season. The selection of options - the manual / automatic transmission and three difficulty levels...
Lula: The Sexy Empire
60% / 80% ( added: 27.10.2015 )  
[ Download Lula: The Sexy Empire @ GOG.com (buy) ]
1998, Interactive Strip   [ Strategy ]
Lula: The Sexy Empire (also known as Wet: The Sexy Empire) is a business managerial simulation game combined with adventure elements for Windows and AmigaOS, developed by German company interactive Strip. The game revolves around building a multi-million dollar pornography and erotica industry. Character designs were done by German comic artist Carsten Wieland...
Grand Prix 500 cc
45% / 75% ( added: 20.10.2015 )  
[ Download Grand Prix 500 cc for Commodore 64 (t64) ]
1986, Microïds   [ Racing ]
500cc Grand Prix was one of the first French-made games for the Atari ST. It is a motorcycle simulator game viewed from behind the bike. It was developed by Microïds in 1986 as their first game. It lets players ride on 12 circuits all around the world either alone or against a friend with vertically-split screen. GP 500cc contains two game modes - championship (9 laps with 6 competitors) and training mode (2 laps with 2 competitors)...
Final Fantasy
70% / 61% ( added: 17.09.2015 )  
[ Download Final Fantasy for NES (nes) ]
1987, Square Co., Ltd.   [ RPG ]
Final Fantasy is a role-playing game created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, developed and first published in Japan by Square, originally released for the Famicom/NES. The game has four basic game modes: an overworld map, town and dungeon maps, a battle screen, and a menu screen. Final Fantasy was the first game to show the player's characters on the right side of the screen and the enemies on the left side of the screen, as opposed to a first-person view. The story follows four youths called the Light Warriors, who each carry one of their world's four elemental orbs which have been darkened by the four Elemental Fiends. Together, they quest to defeat these evil forces, restore light to the orbs, and save their world...

Recent additions/extras: (20)
Video, DOS - Intro and Gameplay | 14.04.2016
 Tunnels & Trolls: Crusaders of Khazan
Download Tunnels & Trolls for PC DOS, Package v2.07 (exe) | 14.04.2016
 Tunnels & Trolls: Crusaders of Khazan
Manual (pdf) | 14.04.2016
 Tunnels & Trolls: Crusaders of Khazan
Covers, PC DOS | 12.04.2016
 Tunnels & Trolls: Crusaders of Khazan
Covers, FM Towns | 12.04.2016
 Tunnels & Trolls: Crusaders of Khazan
Návod [sk] | 05.04.2016
 Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars
Map of Hyrule (jpg) | 05.04.2016
 Legend of Zelda, The
The Overworld Map for NES - Ripped from game (png) | 05.04.2016
 Legend of Zelda, The
The Overworld Map for NES - Original (scan) | 05.04.2016
 Legend of Zelda, The
Manual (pdf) | 02.04.2016
 Abadía del Crimen Extensum, La
Download Abbey of Crime Extensum (jar) | 02.04.2016
 Abadía del Crimen Extensum, La
Links | 02.04.2016
 Abadía del Crimen Extensum, La
Download X-COM: TERROR FROM THE DEEP @ GOG.com (buy) | 30.03.2016
 X-COM: Terror from the Deep
Download X-COM: UFO DEFENSE @ GOG.com (buy) | 30.03.2016
 X-COM: UFO Defense
Manual (pdf) [cz] | 26.03.2016
 Unlimited Warriors
Recenzia, Elemir [cz] | 28.02.2016
 Might and Magic: Swords of Xeen
Level Maps - Arcade version (png) | 18.02.2016
Download R-Type for Commodore 64 (d64) | 13.02.2016
Play online R-Type (Sega Master System) | 13.02.2016
Play online R-Type (Game Boy) | 11.02.2016
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 System Shock 2 (1999)
halo123 | 27.04.2016
 Homeworld (1999)
halo123 | 27.04.2016
 Outcast (1999)
halo123 | 27.04.2016
 Earth 2140 (1997)
halo123 | 27.04.2016
 Tribal Rage (1998)
halo123 | 27.04.2016
 Discworld Noir (1999)
halo123 | 27.04.2016
 Micro Machines (1991)
halo123 | 27.04.2016
 Surface Tension (1996)
halo123 | 27.04.2016
 Tomb Raider (1996)
Vejce | 24.04.2016
 Medal Of Honor Allied Assault (2002)
Vejce | 24.04.2016
 The Lost Vikings (1992)
Vejce | 24.04.2016
 IL-2 Sturmovik (2001)
Vejce | 24.04.2016
 Grand Prix Legends (1998)
carhrozny | 24.04.2016
 Lands of Lore 3 (1999)
carhrozny | 24.04.2016
 Turok dinosaur hunter (1997)

New comments: (10)
This is a great game, playing it always reminds me of my 21st Birthday for some reason. Other than a few minor issues when trying to run it it's not too bad to get playing either, especially with GOG now supplying versions for people to use.
Ja som záverečnú hádanku dal len vďaka tomu, že sa to dalo pauzovať :P Minútka-dve by mi boli chýbali... kryptografické okienko z Poeovho Zlatého Skarabea ale predsa len prinieslo svoje ovocie.
takze posledna uloha bola ---- spoiler alert ---- napisat slovo preambula v kode, ktory treba najprv rozlustis... a cas bezi... Ani som nevedel co presne preambula je (úvodná časť významného dokumentu, napr. ústavy; slávnostný predhovor) a ako na to...
Hm a crpgaddict koukám na to nějak přišel. Himmel!! :)
To pre koho su "site" tieto hry, ked aj Richmond ma problem?
Dohráno!!! Záverečná hádanka nad moje síly, čestně přiznávám :) I tak parádní zážitek.
Richmond | 16.04.2016, 20:23
 Fate: Gates of Dawn
Tak Chester už to rozjel :) Osobně se moc těším na jeho dojmy!
Dave | 08.04.2016, 13:44
 Blood & Magic
Such a great old rts, remember playing this till my eyes hurt haha.
DJ | 05.04.2016, 17:27
 Legend of Zelda, The
Zelda oslavuje 30. vyrocie a pri tejto prilezitosti vznikol velmi zaujimavy fanusikovsky remake tejto klasiky. Bezi na voxelovom engine a priamo v prehliadaci na adrese www.zelda30tribute.com/...
Its fine now :)
New posts in English discussion: (10)
William Worrall | 23.04.2016, 18:57
 General discussion
Ripper (1996) | So I recently played through Ripper again, and afterwards decided that I wanted to try and get my hands on the video files to perform a fan re-edit of certain scenes. I managed to copy all of the files from the discs onto my harddrive, and I can now ...
Scott Mansfield | 18.02.2016, 15:40
DosBox 0.74 / Mindscape's Captive | Firstly, thanks to whoever created this dobox/Captive package. It has (until recently) worked brilliantly. I've been playing it for about a week now, however when I start it now it will get to the pre-menu in dosbox where it asks you about sound/...
Jay Darko | 15.02.2016, 10:55
split games | hi guys, my names is Marco. I have a question for you: is possible split downloaded dos games over 1,4mb on more floppies? I don't say a simple manual copy of files but i refer to the "old installation" like install.bat or setup.exe that call next ...
LE Chi Bang | 07.02.2016, 18:28
 General discussion
Contribution | How can I donate games to oldgames.sk?
aaron gibson | 26.12.2015, 08:13
 General discussion
Booming of Online Gaming | The most important question in the gaming world is; which has better graphics? However, it is very difficult to answer. We are saying difficult because if you compare graphics of the current Xbox 360 with the PS3, it will vary from game-to-game, and...
N-Sponsor post opportunities | hiii
How To Play Video Games | The most important question in the gaming world is; which has better graphics? However, it is very difficult to answer. We are saying difficult because if you compare graphics of the current Xbox 360 with the PS3, it will vary from game-to-game, and...
DJ | 25.12.2015, 18:29
 General discussion
Merry Xmas and Happy 2016 | Marry christmas & Happy retro-gaming with OldGames & Happy new year :-)
Miguel Leal | 23.12.2015, 22:33
 General discussion
Merry Xmas and Happy 2016 | I'd like to wish DJ (and everyone else who helps run this site), as well as to everyone who visits this site a Merry Christmas and may 2016 bring you all everything that you need in order to be happy. Thanks for sharing the good games of old with ...
| Starting stats are very important to win this game. My stats: (Mr.Brown) Str - 16 Int - 10 Con - 15 Dex - 17 Hit - 10 (at lvl 5 - 34). I recommend that your stat will be not less than my, so you get the game fun, not hardcore....

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 Riki CD 10 [10]
DJ | 14.04.2016
 Riki CD 9 [19]
? | 08.04.2016
 Riki 34 [64]
Tripe | 06.04.2016
 Excalibur 56 [32]
Tripe | 29.03.2016
 GameStar 1/99 [98]
Tripe | 25.03.2016
 GameStar 0/98 [36]
DJ | 21.01.2016
 Level 29 [116]
? | 29.09.2015
 Score 41 [132]
? | 11.07.2015
 Level 28 [116]
? | 25.04.2015
 Excalibur 62 [100]
Latest additions to diskmags: (10/73)
DJ | 26.03.2016
 PC Engine 9-94 [34]
MiNH0 | 22.07.2015
 PC Engine 1-95 [56]
DJ | 16.07.2015
 PC Engine 8-94 [29]
DJ | 02.03.2015
 Pařeniště 30 [34]
DJ | 13.06.2014
 Pařeniště 29 [52]
DJ | 24.11.2013
 Guru 12 [60]
DJ | 23.11.2013
 Guru 11 [57]
DJ | 23.08.2013
 Guru 10 [42]
DJ | 21.08.2013
 Guru 9 [34]
DJ | 14.08.2013
 Guru 8 [26]

Screenshots / Magazines comments: (10)
Zoli | 15.03.2016, 12:56
 Nether Earth
Score 10 | Score 10 plagat (nie je to sken ale lepsie ako nic) http://uloz.to/xxLrZhnT/scopost-rar autor: Tomas Fabian...
Konvice | 10.01.2016, 16:29
 Amiga, Title
Whale's Voyage 2 | Vypadá to úžasně, tak tahle hra mě bohužel minula. :D...
DJ | 03.09.2015, 15:04
 DOS, Character Editor
Whale's Voyage 2 | Pamatas si dobre, verzia co si mi poslal je v nemcine, toto je uz z anglickej (neoficialny preklad), ktoru som vyhrabal ...
MickTheMage | 02.09.2015, 18:02
 DOS, Character Editor
Whale's Voyage 2 | Mno, a teraz priznam sa som z toho jelen na druhu :) Ja si fakt pamatam, ze to co som hral bolo v nemcine a anglickej ve...
Maros S | 17.07.2015, 23:30
 Behind Jaggy Lines, Návod
BiT 02/94 | Velka sranda ze sa to dostalo do tlacenej verzie casopisu :-D Ale osobne som to nezaznamenal a mal som to na C64 normal...
DJ | 11.07.2015, 11:45
 Behind Jaggy Lines, Návod
BiT 02/94 | Mas pravdu, evidentne ide o pracovnu verziu ktora sa u nas "dostala do obehu", dal som ten nazov do poznamky.....
Excalibur 58 | Pozeral som si tu tak par hier a najma recenzie v tomto casopise. Podla mna po odchode vip ludi do skore kvalitativne ve...
Maros S | 03.07.2015, 23:39
 PC, Death Star Attack
Star Wars: Rebel Assault | Tuším sa nudíš, ale máš recht, ja som to hral asi 2 roky dozadu a zabudol som screenshotovať. Každopádne bola nutnosť a...
Swampy | 20.06.2015, 18:33
 Behind Jaggy Lines, Návod
BiT 02/94 | Tato hra sa vola Rescue on Fractalus od Lucasfilm Games, Behind Jaggi(!) Lines je nazov uniknutej verzie (podla Wiki)....
Score 3 | Podle me recenzoval hry, aniz by je hral, spis v obdobi kdy se do Score vratil jako sefredaktor. GK urcite hral, ten jeh...
New Screenshots by users : (11)
DOS, Wizards Guild
DOS, Mage - Wolf Hardluck
DOS, Automap
DOS, Start the game
DOS, Character creation
DOS, Title
DOS, Intro
dj | 02.04.2016, 20:07
 Abadía del Crimen Extensum, La
dj | 02.04.2016, 20:07
 Abadía del Crimen Extensum, La
dj | 02.04.2016, 20:07
 Abadía del Crimen Extensum, La
dj | 02.04.2016, 20:07
 Abadía del Crimen Extensum, La

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines
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