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Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders
OldGames.sk contains many of the classic good old games for platforms such as PC DOS, Amiga, Commodore 64, Apple II, Macintosh, Sega Genesis, NES, and SNES. For all Retro-gaming fans, we make an install packages containing compiled old games with an emulator for modern systems (Windows XP/2000/Vista/7) that is configured for easy and trouble-free use, or you can play some games on-line in your browser through Java applet.
You can also "re-live" the good old days with the help of DOSBox, it can run plenty of the old classics that don't run on your new computer!
Simple Discussion forum » join up and discuss anything about old video games or computers...
Many classic games have been converted into real money games, you can find information about places to play these games at www.piramind.com. To find a list of classic games that have been converted into casino games then be sure to visit www.casinoenligneclub.net.

Actual articles on blog:
Legend of Grimrock 2
 author: dj 17.10.2014   
Legend of Grimrock 2 je pokračovaním akčného dungeon-crawlera od fínskych vývojárov Almost Human, ktorý v modernom 3D kabáte priniesol hrateľnosť klasických krokovacích RPG ako Dungeon Master alebo Black Crypt. Oproti komornejšiemu prvému dielu pribudli vonkajšie lokácie spolu so striedaním dňa a noci. Hra sa tak odohráva na virtuálne omnoho väčšej ploche, ničmenej pôvodné herné mechaniky opäť pozostávajú predovšetkým z riešenia zaujímavých priestorových puzzlov a akčných grid-based súbojov s nepriateľmi...
Wasteland: historky z pustiny #1
 author: dj 07.10.2014   
Wasteland - postapokalyptická RPG hra s ťahovými súbojmi z roku 1988, ktorú vytvorili Alan Pavlish (hlavný programátor), Brian Fargo, Michael A. Stackpole a Ken St. Andre pod taktovkou producenta Interplay Productions. Príbeh je zasadený do roku 2087 po nukleárnej vojne medzi Spojenými štátmi a Sovietskym zväzom, kedy sa obrovské zasiahnuté územia zmenili na "pustinu" a kde prežitie je prvoradým cieľom. Pokúsim sa Wasteland okomentovať v tejto mutácii príručky a denníka hráča, keďže som si to po rokoch opäť zahral a rozhodol sa to tentokrát aj dokončiť. Wasteland v prvom rade vôbec nie je vážna hra, minimálne sa tak neberie, na rozdiel od jej mladších bratov Fallout a Fallout 2...
Actual projects at oldgames.sk:
Dungeon Heroes
 author: Spiky 25.02.2014   
Dungeon Heroes is an RPG in the classic dungeon crawler style. Game features turn based combat, 9 characters to choose from, spell creation, equipment enhancement, tricky puzzles, hidden corridors and secret rooms, intense boss fights, etc. We began working on Dungeon Heroes at the start of 2014, and we're happy to share the results of our work with you. The demo contains the first level of the dungeon and introduces the story and the major features of the game...

Latest old games:
70% / 75% ( added: 19.09.2014 )  
[ Download Shadowgate, Amiga (adf) ]
1987, ICOM Simulations   [ Adventure ]
Shadowgate is a 1987 point-and-click adventure, originally released for the Apple Macintosh in the MacVenture series (Deja Vu, Uninvited). The game is named for its setting, Castle Shadowgate, residence of the evil Warlock Lord. The player, as the "last of a great line of hero-kings" is charged with the task of saving the world by defeating the Warlock Lord, who is attempting to summon up the demon Behemoth out of Hell. The player must solve a series of puzzles throughout the castle to proceed to the Warlock Lord's chamber. Due to the castle's perilous nature, at least one lit torch must be in the player's possession at all times...
Cool World
50% / 46% ( added: 11.09.2014 )  
[ Download Cool World for PC DOS, Package v2.06 (exe) ]
1992, Twilight   [ Action ]
Cool World is a 2D action platformer video game based on the live-action/animated film of the same name directed by Ralph Bakshi. Players control Frank Harris (Brad Pitt in movie), chief of the Cool World police department. He must prevent the Doodles (evil cartoons) from stealing items from the real world and sending them to various locations in the cartoonish Cool World. Doodles can be defeated by being turned into ink blots using Frank's pen. The player must collect coins that defeated doodles leave behind to pay for access to the game's various locations...
Unlimited Warriors
50% / 33% ( added: 05.09.2014 )  
[ Download Unlimited Warriors, Package v2.06 (exe) ]
1996, Digitalica   [ Action ]
Unlimited Warriors is a classic fighting game developed by Czech group Digitalica. Game is ispired by Mortal Kombat, there is used the same technology - digitalization of video for character animation and photos for static backgrounds. Compared to MK the game runs in higher SVGA resolution (640x480) and includes FVM cutscenes. The game contains 10 playable fighters (including one woman) and battles take place in a single one-screen arena...
Magic Candle III, The
60% / 61% ( added: 26.08.2014 )  
[ Download Magic Candle III - Install disks (zip) ]
1992, Mindcraft Software, Inc.   [ RPG ]
The Magic Candle III is a sequel of a series of epic fantasy RPG from top-down view with turn-based battles. Like the precedesors, MC3 is also characterized by its large game world (in a box there is attached paper map of Solian Lands) with many towns and dungeons. The country is spreading by dangerous disease, which upsets forest monsters against the villagerss, destroying crops and threatening cities. The main task of the six heroes will be finding the source of infection to stop it, which is related to a Magic Candle...
62% / 62% ( added: 13.08.2014 )  
[ Edna bez CD hudby, DOSBox Package v2.06 (exe) [cz] ]
1997, Black Raven   [ Adventure ]
Edna is a 2D action platform adventure game from Czech developer the Black Raven. The game is similar to the 8-bit classic Dizzy series, with side view, main character Edna can jump, collect / using items from a limited inventory, cook drinks in its pot and casting spells after learning them. Edna is a Witch, who works for the king as a fairy godmother. The King once refused to let her predict the future of their just-born daughter and throws it, so Edna begins plotted revenge and seek the allies. The game contains a number of texts written with rhymes, the main Edna's front tagline is: `will be full of sorrow, a day without evil act`...
50% / 63% ( added: 06.08.2014 )  
[ Download Naturix (atr) ]
1994, Raster Software   [ Action ]
Naturix is a classic action platform game mixed with an adventure. Player has to find four boxes and a navigation tool in pretty 124-screens large world full of enemies, which can be killed by laser shots but there is a limited amount of them. There are also places where player has to solve logic puzzles, such as tricking the temperature sensor or how to get through flooded room. The story is set in a Solar System far from ours. There is a planet Naturland where Naturixes live...
Sensible World of Soccer
78% / 80% ( added: 22.07.2014 )  
[ Sensible World of Soccer (1994) for Amiga (adf) ]
1994, Sensible Software   [ Sport ]
Sensible World of Soccer is an sequel of Sensible Soccer, which combined a 2D football game with a comprehensive manager mode. All the players in all of the teams from all of the professional leagues in the world from that time are included, as well as all of the national and international competitions for all club and national teams around the world. The main objective in Sensible World of Soccer is to manage a club of your choice, and either sit and watch them play in Coach mode—or control the players as you would in any other Sensible Soccer game, in Player-Manager mode...

Recent additions/extras: (20)
Review by TaocHoddock | 10.10.2014
 11th Hour, The
Manual (pdf) | 10.10.2014
 Legend of Grimrock
Covers | 10.10.2014
 Legend of Grimrock
Download Legend of Grimrock @ GOG.com (buy) | 09.10.2014
 Legend of Grimrock
Map, combined in-game screens (ZX Spectrum) | 05.10.2014
 Fantasy World Dizzy
Mapy - Score CD 35 (11/1996) | 02.10.2014
 Rytíři Grálu
Wasteland Survival Guide (pdf) | 30.09.2014
Wasteland Interactive Maps [google map] | 23.09.2014
Video, Amiga - Lets Play | 19.09.2014
Video, DOS - Lets Play | 19.09.2014
Video, NES - Walkthrough | 19.09.2014
Manual, Macintosh (pdf) | 19.09.2014
Download Shadowgate, Apple IIgs (2mg) | 19.09.2014
Download Shadowgate, Amiga (adf) | 19.09.2014
Download Shadowgate, PC DOS (zip) | 18.09.2014
Play online - Shadowgate (NES) | 18.09.2014
Download Shadowgate: Special Edition @ GOG.com (buy) | 17.09.2014
Covers, Apple IIgs | 17.09.2014
Covers, Amiga | 17.09.2014
Video, Amiga - Intro | 11.09.2014
 Cool World
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halo123 | 30.10.2014
 Blade Runner (1997)
halo123 | 28.10.2014
 Goblins 3 (1993)
richmond | 26.10.2014
 Dragon Wars (1989)
Ringo | 01.10.2014
 Abandoned Places 2 (1993)
kloki38 | 29.09.2014
 Star Wars: Rebel Assault II (1995)
carhrozny | 28.09.2014
 Lost in Time (1993)
Ringo | 24.09.2014
 Might & Magic X: Legacy (2014)
Ringo | 13.09.2014
 Might and Magic 9 (2002)
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 The Kristal (1989)
carhrozny | 13.09.2014
 the Three Stooges (1987)
carhrozny | 13.09.2014
 It Came From The Desert (1989)
kloki38 | 08.09.2014
 Duke Nukem 3D (1996)
carhrozny | 30.08.2014
 Storm Master (1991)
carhrozny | 30.08.2014
 The Blues Brothers (1991)

New comments: (10)
Jack Herrer | 29.10.2014, 09:02
Úžasná hra svojí atmosférou a ručně dělanou grafikou. Pro mě jakožto odkojence na Branách Skeldalu parádní záležitost. Už aby vyšla 2ka :-)
BAR3 | 28.10.2014, 10:37
 Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness
Podrobný postup, jak vyřešit velkou rychlost scrollování (Win 7): Nainstalujte si DOSBox. Ve složce C:/Users/Jméno_uživatele/AppData/Local/DOSBox editujte soubor dosbox-0.74.conf V souboru dosbox-0.74.conf přepište "cycles=auto" na "cycles=20000". Mo...
V emulátoru jsou udělat i screenshoty, ale bohužel bez zaznamenání ovládacích tlačítek. V principu mám tlačítka situované mimo výhledové okno, graficky zvýrazněny jen tři tlačítka na pohyb. Ostatní (písmenka a číslice) jsou velice nenápadně situo...
Woimiow | 19.10.2014, 20:06
 Thief: The Dark Project
Tak prave som dohral celu hru na experta. Musim povedat, ze to nebolo az take tazke, ako som si myslel. Hlavne posledna misia mi prisla dost jednoducha a nenarocna a bola snad najkratsia - presiel som ju za pol hodinu, realneho casu mozno za hodinu, ...
Zdeněk | 19.10.2014, 15:48
 Rescue on Fractalus!
Je pravda, že tohle brzy svede k jednotvárnosti. Ale jinak jsem se u téhle hry vždy strašně pobavil. Tehdy jsem měl TV na pořádné volume a to jsou pak šoky, jestli se objeví člověk nebo alien :-D
Psal jsem to už jinde, ale rpgčka bych na tabletu hrál jedině s připojenou klávesou. Minulý tablet toho byl schopen a MM3 vypadal (8" tablet) fenomenálně, přes celý displej, usazený na stojánku, k tomu menší klávesnice bez numeriky. Fakt paráda. Ale ...
Je i emulátor na Amigu, pochopitelně, ale nevím, nevím. Crystal dragon jsem nedohrál- tehdy jsem netušil, že se jedná o zrádnou protipirátksou ochranu, která mně nepustila dál.. Mně prostě na nových počítačích (NTB) vadí velký displej. Tablet tak...
Mam pocit, ze toto je chvila kedy som naozaj rad ze nemam ziadny tablet (a ani smartphone). Takze sa mozem nerusene venovat Wastelandom, Grimrockom, Divinitam...... BTW - co tak Crystal Dragon miesto Beholderov (ktorych si uz urcite dohral v minulo...
Rád bych všechny informoval o skvělé zprávě. Elemir na svých stránkách: http://www.svetmightandmagic.cz/omm/omm_android.php informuje všechny fanoušky téhle skvělé série o novém (a dle mého názoru) dokonalém emulátoru pro android. Určeno pro všechny...
Resident Evil
New posts in English discussion: (10)
| I would really love to see Dark Earth here... I find no way to play it with my limited knowledge of emulation, but it's an excellent game with great atmosphere. Is there a possibility you'll add it to the collection? Thanks!
jose madrid | 03.10.2014, 21:54
Thanks! | It is great to finally be able to find some classic games that I missed on years ago, thanks for your continued efforts towards keeping classic gaming alive guys!
Karol | 21.08.2014, 15:24
 General discussion
Homm III | How I could not love this...
Lisa Wilby | 12.08.2014, 06:31
Premium Account | Hello. I am having the same problem as Chris (see the below post). I also would like to get a premium account via Paypal but can t see where to make the payment. I would like to donate so I can get Tie Fighter collectors edition, but I have also s...
How to pay via PayPal? | Hi OldGamers, I apologize for the current situation with the payment by PayPal. Actualy my PayPal account is limited, so there is no option to use their services on site www.oldgames.sk for now ;-( I am working to solve this problem, perhaps in the...
Agreed with matthjes | I am also looking for an answer for this too, I just emailed as well.
Chris | 24.07.2014, 21:38
Premium Account | I would like to get a premium account, but cannot see anywhere to make a Paypal payment...I'd like to donate so that I can get the old Elder Scrolls games.
Sensible Soccer for Atari Jaguar | Hello again. The Sensible Soccer for Atari Jaguar (j64))download does not work. It gives an error message: Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server. Thank you.
Agreed with matthjes | Hi folks. I have to second the question from matthjes. I'm newly registered, and want to upgrade to a premium account. The instructions on the premium account page don't help, and I've not had a reply to the email I sent. Can anyone help?
How to pay via PayPal? | Hi, Could someone provide me with some information regarding paying via PayPal? There is no link on the specific site (http://www.oldgames.sk/en/premium.php), so do I have to transfer the money to some email address (if yes, what email would that ...

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 Score CD 35 [32]
? | 01.10.2014
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 Excalibur 59 [100]
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 Riki 32 [64]
DJ | 16.03.2014
 Riki CD 8 [19]
DJ | 09.03.2014
 Riki CD 7 [11]
? | 04.01.2014
 Excalibur 58 [100]
CGW Museum | 23.10.2013
 Computer Gaming World 3.2 [51]
Miso Kralovic | 02.10.2013
 Level 26 [116]
Latest additions to diskmags: (10/69)
DJ | 13.06.2014
 Pařeniště 29 [52]
DJ | 24.11.2013
 Guru 12 [60]
DJ | 23.11.2013
 Guru 11 [57]
DJ | 23.08.2013
 Guru 10 [42]
DJ | 21.08.2013
 Guru 9 [34]
DJ | 14.08.2013
 Guru 8 [26]
DJ | 09.08.2013
 Guru 7 [26]
Daniel Felix Hrouzek | 02.08.2013
 Klan 2 [20]
DJ | 01.08.2013
 Pařeniště 28 [46]
DJ | 25.07.2013
 Pařeniště 27 [43]

Screenshots / Magazines comments: (10)
Neuromancer | :))...
Miso | 13.10.2014, 12:08
 Orion Burger
Score 36 | Našiel som ju na nete ešte sealed takze keď budú peniažky kúpim zahrám.Ked som bol maly tak so ju mohol len obdivovať v ...
DJ | 10.10.2014, 17:35
 Amiga - Wasteland 4 on 11/16/58
Neuromancer | Skvele! a navyse uz dorazil do obchodov aj Bard's Tale 714 ;-)...
Miso | 09.10.2014, 08:51
 Fiasko s filmem Síť
Score 33 | V tej dobe som bol rad že som mal vôbec to score...
Zdeněk | 08.10.2014, 14:34
 Sharp X68000, Start game
Dungeon Master | Tomu říkám magická atmosféra, jak se pootvírají ty dveře do dungeonu. Kdo nezažil, nepochopí......
Unlimited Warriors | Tohle je TOP, v zadne jine bojovce neni v pozadi bmw e36 sedan :)))) ...
Riki 33 | Starý dobrý FreeSpace, niekde by som mal ešte tú krabicu....
teony | 01.05.2014, 17:41
 Všem Matistům, Auction
Excalibur 58 | Jémine to je stránka jako Maťo, v klídku dohání vyšlá dubnová Skore z léta páně minulého milénia. Ano nechápu! Excalibur...
Duke Nukem 3D | Len upozornim, ze tento "chvat" sa da pouzit len v klasickom DN3D. V Atomic Edition bol odstraneny :(....
Swampy | 19.03.2014, 19:24
Riki 1 | Precitajte si text podpisany Ludovitom Wittekom. Zaujimalo by ma, kolko ludi zaplatilo. Predpokladam ze sa jedna o inici...
New Screenshots by users : (11)
levibi | 18.10.2014, 00:16
 FIFA Soccer 96
FIFA 96 PC Dos: Match End
levibi | 18.10.2014, 00:16
 FIFA Soccer 96
FIFA 96 PC Dos: Barcelona Players Celebration
levibi | 18.10.2014, 00:14
 FIFA Soccer 96
FIFA 96 PC Dos: Barcelona player taking the Penalty
levibi | 18.10.2014, 00:13
 FIFA Soccer 96
FIFA 96 PC Dos: Real Madrid Players Celebrating
levibi | 18.10.2014, 00:12
 FIFA Soccer 96
FIFA 96 PC Dos: Real Madrid 1 - Barcelona 0 Penalty Shootout
levibi | 18.10.2014, 00:09
 FIFA Soccer 96
FIFA 96 PC Dos : Real Madrid Vs Barcelona 3
levibi | 18.10.2014, 00:08
 FIFA Soccer 96
FIFA 96 PC Dos : Real Madrid Vs Barcelona 2
levibi | 18.10.2014, 00:08
 FIFA Soccer 96
FIFA 96 PC Real Madrid Vs Barcelona 1
levibi | 18.10.2014, 00:07
 FIFA Soccer 96
FIFA 96 PC First Screen
levibi | 18.10.2014, 00:05
 FIFA Soccer 96
FIFA 96 GameBoy Match
levibi | 18.10.2014, 00:05
 FIFA Soccer 96
FIFA 96 GameBoy Squad

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