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Silmarils is a French computer game software company founded in 1987 by Louis-Marie and Andre Rocques. The two brothers were independant game developers since 1983 for micro-computers like TRS80, AMSTRAD, or THOMSON, and ORIC. 

Silmarils have their main office in Lognes (Marne-La-Vallee) near PARIS where most of production takes place and a development studio in NANCY (east of France).
Since 1987, more than 20 original new titles have been created in all genres and for several platforms, for example: «TARGHAN» adventure-action, «TRANSARCTICA» strategy, the «ISHAR» series RPGs, «DEUS» 3D-adventure/simulation,. «TIME WARRIORS» a 3D combat game, and now «ASGHAN» a 3D adventure-action game.
Silmarils has developed titles for several platforms : AMIGA, ATARI, 3DO, SEGA MEGADRIVE, LYNX, JAGUAR, AMSTRAD, and MAC. We are now concentrating on the following platforms : PC CDROM and SONY PSX. We aim to develop for N64 and DREAMCAST too.
The different titles developed by Silmarils have been distributed and licensed worldwide; they are localised in native language for each country, including even special font icons (Polish, Korean, Chinese,...).
For a few years, Silmarils is working as a developer and is making titles for various publishers around the world.
Important investments are being made in software engineering to produce the forthcoming games in global 3D and virtual reality: full 3D-Mapped-Lighted universes (interiors and exteriors), motion capture animation for jointed characters/monsters, multiplayer game over local network and internet, Windows 95/98 Directx support (including 3D hardware acceleration, and network playing), image/photo scanning, cinematic sequences including video (with actors), live speech recording, and ray-tracing sequences, etc..
Silmarils:  They are the three mythic gems from the J.R.R. Tolkien novel "THE SILMARILLION".
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