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created by: dj, 07.03.2009, 12:45
modified by: dj, 07.02.2017, 09:24
Looking to download an old game and can't find it?
Looking to download an old game and can't find it?
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Adam Adam   | Ultimate Body Blows CD32 28.11.2011, 12:09:45     Reply   edit  delete 
Hey I know that the game in CD version is here but could you make an exe of Amiga CD32 version? And not in the premium section :>
Adam Adam   | Terminator Skynet/Future Shock 11.11.2011, 21:21:38     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from DJ:
Yes I see now but why it is a premium download? The game is not being sold anymore.
DJ DJ   | Terminator Skynet/Future Shock 10.11.2011, 23:08:37     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Adam:
Hi Adam,
take a little look on our SkyNET game page and you get what you want ;-)
Terminator SkyNet + Future Shock CD-ROM pack (exe)
Adam Adam   | Terminator Skynet/Future Shock 10.11.2011, 18:52:58     Reply   edit  delete 
Hey I heared that Future Shock and Skynet were merged into one CD version on which you could play Future Shock in higher resolution offered by Skynet. Could you please get interest in that and try to release such version?
Adam Adam   | Pray for Death 06.11.2011, 09:27:12     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from DJ:
Thank you so much ;] I was browsing games and saw that there are only Syndicate and Syndicate American Revolt available. Is Syndicate Wars still in sales so that you don't have it in your collection? Because I tried to get the CD with a game but no luck :( I also wonder which version looks better PC or PSX? What's your opinion?
DJ DJ   | Pray for Death 05.11.2011, 20:38:21     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Adam:
Yes it is possible, I make install package for Pray for Death soon...
Stay retro-tuned ;-)
Adam Adam   | Pray for Death 05.11.2011, 14:20:20     Reply   edit  delete 
Hey is it possible that Pray for Death a PC fighting game was in download section as exe?
Nick Nick   | Dragon Pursival? 10.05.2011, 13:12:58     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Snuffe:
I have a copy of Pursival/Legend of Ancient Dragon which I'll upload for anyone who needs it. I can't get it working on windows 7 myself.
General General   |  30.04.2011, 10:02:23     Reply   edit  delete 
Thank you for your reply regarding UGH.
I was wondering if you could upgrade your Warcraft II release with the official expansion pack and cinematics from original game. It could be available as a premium download.
Keep up the good work.
bob bob   |  10.04.2011, 11:32:27     Reply   edit  delete 
Mortal kombat 2, 3, trilogy???
Teppo Teppo   | Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels 03.04.2011, 04:44:33     Reply   edit  delete 
Any chance of finding this one here? It's basically updated version of the first one, with better graphics.

I used to have a copy but it seems to have been lost somewhere. :S
Sven Herzig Sven Herzig   | Daemonsgate CD+manual 22.03.2011, 01:33:06     Reply   edit  delete 
I've been looking for the CD of Daemonsgate and the scanned (or typed) manual, very rare to find on the net.
Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   | Air Power: Battle in the Skies - CD 18.03.2011, 19:51:40     Reply   edit  delete 

Do you think you can upload the CD version of Air Power? It's really, really hard to find. And it's one of the least known "Steampunk" games.

Thanks in advance
Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   | shadow worlds 13.03.2011, 00:44:16     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from william stanton:
Or perhaps even one for Shadowlands? ;)
william stanton william stanton   | shadow worlds 12.03.2011, 13:49:03     Reply   edit  delete 
any chance of a shadow worlds package?
Snuffe Snuffe   | Dragon Pursival? 24.02.2011, 02:21:42     Reply   edit  delete 
Anyone who can get their hands on an english copy och Legend of The Ancient Dragon/Legend of Dragon/Draon Pursival (One and same game, different name probabilitys, Mirinae product)?
John Hiers John Hiers   | wish you had this game 19.02.2011, 06:09:08     Reply   edit  delete 
Wish you would get Below the Root.
Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   |  15.02.2011, 23:11:55     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from drakanis82:
The game you're talking about is "Cyber Empires".
DJ DJ   | Superfanqui 15.02.2011, 02:05:50     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from fanqui:
Thanx fanqui,
OK, I have this game and it's prequel "Battlehawks 1942" too. So, I start work to make a package...
DJ DJ   | Request for Ugh! 14.02.2011, 17:53:53     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from General:
Yes, UGH will be added soon...
fanqui fanqui   | Superfanqui 14.02.2011, 10:53:25     Reply   edit  delete 
GREAT webpage Slovak´s Pride!

I bought a great game "year 1992 i dunno exactly" THEIR FINEST HOUR: The Battle of Britain
Lucasfilms Games, it has got manual copy protection when turning your radio on flight, and the "manual" was a great war book. A complex request, dream is free. THANKS ANYWAY. G.LUCK
drakanis82 drakanis82   |  13.02.2011, 07:09:16     Reply   edit  delete 
This will be the hardest yet to find. Its an old DOS game in the early 1990's. The game was base on a strategy and real time action game. During campaign, you would select different sections on a map to try and conquer. The units you had were mechs that you selected and bought. When you start to fight, the view was top-down with the mechs of the 2 armies that were to battle on opposite sides. You could jump from one mech to another to control directly or you could let your army battle by themselves. You were capable of blowing wholes in building and walls to make your way to the enemy mechs to try and demolish them. It was know as large scale back them cause you could have about 20 mechs i think fighting per side.
Jack Jack   | Civilation II 06.02.2011, 17:25:04     Reply   edit  delete 
I need this game with cutscenes and videos!
General General   | Request for Ugh! 27.01.2011, 16:06:48     Reply   edit  delete 
I suggest addition of old, DOS game called "Ugh!":!
It is freeware now, so you should not have any copyright problems but it needs dosbox. Your hallmark compilation skills would give new life to this oldie.
Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   | Incubation 29.11.2010, 21:04:49     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from DJ:
Great! :D

Thank you very much, DJ.
DJ DJ   | Incubation 29.11.2010, 17:17:53     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Miguel Leal:
Yes Miguel,
I add Battle Isle 3 and Incubation soon, both with CD-ROM versions...
Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   | CyClones + Central Intelligence 28.11.2010, 13:28:44     Reply   edit  delete 
And do you think it's possible to upload Central Intelligence (a very underrated strategy game from Ocean) and CyClones (one of Raven Software's least known FPS)?

Thanks, DJ
Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   | Incubation 28.11.2010, 13:18:01     Reply   edit  delete 
DJ, is it possible to upload the "Incubation" series? And "Battle Isle 2220"?

Then you'd have the entire "Battle Isle" series here.

gareth gareth   | request 01.08.2010, 10:23:53     Reply   edit  delete 
any chance of deus ex????
General General   |  02.07.2010, 14:47:03     Reply   edit  delete 
Thank you very much for Allied General and Fantasy General!
Heather Winter Heather Winter   | Mixed Up Mother Goose 26.06.2010, 22:10:26     Reply   edit  delete 
I am looking for Mixed Up Mother Goose. There are actually 2 versions and I am looking for both.
mark mark   | Sid meier\'s civilization 2 18.06.2010, 20:37:59     Reply   edit  delete 
Probably the best in the series, could you upload it?
Weatbeat Weatbeat   | Request for a old game 18.06.2010, 11:57:18     Reply   edit  delete 
I'm looking for Syndicate WARS, played it ages ago but lost it. So just wanted to play it again
Greg Greg   |  17.06.2010, 03:12:55     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from General:
And package them if possible :P
marek munn marek munn   | test drive series 11.06.2010, 11:37:36     Reply   edit  delete 
can you upload those?
General General   |  09.06.2010, 15:41:50     Reply   edit  delete 
I would suggest adding the rest of titlers from the "5 Star General" series:
- Allied General
- Pacific General
- Star General
- Fantasy General

Panzer General must feel so lonly now...
Ricky Derocher Ricky Derocher   | Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective 25.05.2010, 01:05:08     Reply   edit  delete 
I'm looking for Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Vol. 1, 2 and 3.

I'd also like to see the CD-ROM version of Jungle Strike on the site as well.
frank frank   | Sierra Front page sports football 96 and 97 21.05.2010, 21:37:12     Reply   edit  delete 
I am looking for Sierra Front Page sports football 96 and 97. I downloaded 95 here and it works great. People can get 98 here:

Please help if possible. These games are nowhere to be found...I searched all day. If puts them up I will be very grateful and donate too. Thanks.
marek munn marek munn   | requests for oldgames 13.05.2010, 09:32:34     Reply   edit  delete 
Double dragon 3
jungle strike
home alone
heroes of might and magic 1(this should be freeware) i dont know exactly
Dos gaming Dos gaming   | brutal fury 10.05.2010, 16:10:19     Reply   edit  delete 
very nice fighting game
really nice if you could upload it
Cameron Cameron   | Jungle Strike 03.05.2010, 14:32:51     Reply   edit  delete 
I have both the Floppy Disk version and the CD-Rom version. I'm happy to upload, should this be the kind of thing you're interested in...
Eric Eric   | Fleet Defender 02.05.2010, 17:17:17     Reply   edit  delete 
Would really like to see Fleet Defender added.
thanks in advance!
Jonathan Wood Jonathan Wood   | Eternal Dagger Request 02.05.2010, 05:44:23     Reply   edit  delete 
Please add Eternal Dagger if you can find it, thanks!
Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   | ORIGIN Simulator Series 25.04.2010, 19:25:29     Reply   edit  delete 
Could you, please, upload the following games from ORIGIN?

- Strike Commander
- Pacific Strike
- Wings of Glory

Thanks, DJ
Dos gaming Dos gaming   | requests for oldgames 23.04.2010, 19:17:53     Reply   edit  delete 
my another request are
game called "dofus" i hope you know that game,
"duke nukeman" older parts like 1,
"bionic commando"
"one must fall"
Dos gaming Dos gaming   | just a reminder 23.04.2010, 19:14:13     Reply   edit  delete 
hi,just remider if you havent read my last post
crystal caves 1,2,3
and home alone 1 and,and its second part
urmas the mighty urmas the mighty   | crystal caves 11.04.2010, 09:17:27     Reply   edit  delete 
would be nice if you add it
all 3 epidodes
Zriepraxis Zriepraxis   | Star Control 2 10.04.2010, 21:46:55     Reply   edit  delete 
Star Control 2 would be a great addition here.

urmas the mighty urmas the mighty   | home alone 09.04.2010, 17:13:33     Reply   edit  delete 
home alone 1 was great game i used to play it when i was 10-11 years old
could you upload it?
Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   | Wizardry 8 14.03.2010, 13:58:10     Reply   edit  delete 
I don't know if this game is already abandonware, as Sir-Tech (the publisher) has gone out of business.
If so, is it possible for you you to upload it?

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