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 Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster

release year
 Amazing Media
 Interplay Entertainment Corp.
genre / theme
 FMV, interactive movie, horror
 PC Windows 3.x, Windows, Macintosh, Sega Saturn
Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster is a graphic adventure that stars Tim Curry as Dr. Frankenstein, and has the player controlling a newly created Frankenstein monster. This first-person perspective adventure game uses full motion video clips and 3D CGI graphics similar to Myst. There are two situations in the game where the player's actions decide the fate of a certain character, branching the game into multiple endings. The player controls a man who was hanged for a crime that he did not commit and awakens to find out that he has become a monster, created by the mad scientist named Dr. Frankenstein...
rating (OldGames): 65%
rating (Users):
game added: 22.08.2013, 14:33 (dj)
last update: 04.12.2019, 17:04 (dj)
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