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release year
 Reginald Rutherford
genre / theme
 fantasy, dungeon-crawler
 PLATO network
PEDIT5 was perhaps the first dungeon-crawl video game, written in 1975 by Rusty Rutherford for the PLATO system. Like all PLATO software, the game was executed on a mainframe computer, but played on terminals located elsewhere. In the game, the player guides a character who wanders a single-level dungeon accumulating treasure and killing monsters. When a player encounters a monster, he can use one of several spells. Characters can be saved from one play session to the next...
rating (OldGames): 30%
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game added: 28.06.2012, 12:28 (dj)
last update: 07.09.2012, 13:01 (dj)
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