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 Posel Bohů

release year
 Unknown Identity
 Future Games s.r.o.
genre / theme
 point-and-click, archeology, mystery
 Windows 95/98
Posel Bohů (Messenger of the Gods) is point and click adventure using the 1st-person view. The game doesn't use scrolling, you can see the whole screen at the same time and if any of the items presented there requires a closer look, the player can get it by clicking on the item and the detail then fills the whole screen. The movement between location is handled by arrows on the lower right part of the screen and the directions the player can take are highlighte. The story is advanced by item combination, dialogs (these are fully voiced, contrary to the descriptive texts) and puzzle solving. In 2005, the game was remade with minor changes in the script and puzzles as Ni.Bi.Ru: The Messenger of the Gods...
rating (OldGames): 80%
rating (Users):
game added: 26.02.2022, 19:58 (dj)
last update: 27.02.2022, 08:57 (dj)
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