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 Thunderhawk AH-73M

release year
 Core Design Ltd.
 Core Design Ltd.
genre / theme
 action, helicopter
 PC DOS, Amiga, Atari ST (1991), Sega CD (1993)
Thunderhawk (AH-3 ThunderStrike) is a helicopter combat simulator game released by Core Design. In the game the player is part of the "MERLIN" helicopter combat assault team, flying an AH-73M helicopter. The game has been described as a first person version of the Strike series of games. The game consists of several campaigns for each one of ten world areas, the campaigns are themed around real events or activities in these areas (e.g UN convoy relates to the Bosnian war, South China seas relates to piracy etc.)
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Thunderhawk AH-73M - PC DOS, Gameplay
PC DOS, Gameplay
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