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|  Alexander Meltinus
05.12.2012, 14:02 
Hey DJ, Thank you very much! It works now.
|  Alexander Meltinus
25.11.2012, 12:02 
Hi, On my systems, there is no music - the cd-audio doesn't play. Is there a way to enable it in dosbox.conf? Thank you
|  Alexander Meltinus
13.11.2012, 19:57 
A completely different approach to the Elder Scrolls-world Tamriel: I liked the more action-adventure-like gameplay and to be a swashbuckling redguard. The island features many places to discover. Its graphics look even better by using a glidewrapper (nglide for example).
|  Alexander Meltinus
13.11.2012, 19:53 
DbtS is a fascinating but also frustrating sword-simulation. I found the controls to be almost unusable (all of them) and ended using the arcade-keyboard-configuration. It's an interesting idea to let the player swing his sword with the mouse, but it just doesn't work in fast action passages. The arena-levels are funny for multiplayer-fights.
|  Alexander Meltinus
13.11.2012, 19:51 
A action-driven part of the Elder Scrolls-franchise. I didn't like it much for its hack'n'slay-character.
|  Alexander Meltinus
13.11.2012, 19:49 
A revolutionar approach to flight simulations, Comanche featured "real" 3d-terrain and fast paced action. A wonderful game!
|  Alexander Meltinus
24.04.2012, 22:50 
This game has one of the most beautifully crafted pixelarts I know. A real eyecandy.
|  Alexander Meltinus
24.04.2012, 01:25 
I like this game. It has a nice looking graphic and a pleasant soundtrack. A relaxing experience.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 23:44 
I love Carmageddon, but is there a way to get cd-audio working with dosbox? Without music it's just half the fun for me... :( Is it possible to unlock the uncut version?
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 15:40 
The first game I ever played. I still like it and play a level from time to time.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 15:38 
Very unique game where you play an insect. Not very good gameplay-wise, but entertaining and different.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 15:35 
For me, Thief 2 is the best sneak-adventure out there. It features a dark and grim steampunk-medieval-world with strange robots and disturbing religious fanatics (the mechanists around their charismatic leader Karras). The gameplay is very unique, for you have to sneak around and avoid open battles with guards and other menaces. It's also very nonlinear and open. I play it at least one time in every year. Don't forget to install the ddfix to get it to work properly.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 15:32 
Interesting haunted-house-plot which gets very confusing after some hours. It's nonetheless an nice attempt to blend adventure and 3d-action to a own gameplay.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 15:30 
An extremely immersive simulation of a realistic alien world. I love everything on Outcast: Beautiful voxel-graphics, unmatched orchestral score, excellent voice-acting and a very intriguing story. Outcast is one of these games you play and never forget. It's a classic and even today it has no equal.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 15:27 
This game has a graphic, which was miles ahead of everything comparable in its time. The gameplay is full of variety, but it's a difficult game - and you can't save in the levels. I found this to be the only major drawback.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 15:26 
The first part of the Hitman-series is still my favourite. It features very different levels where you have to act as an assassin. Some levels are very nonlinear and give you the chance to act as you like. Especially the level in a hotel in Budapest is one of my favourite moments in all gaming history.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 15:23 
Interesting sword-fighting game with a revolutionar combat system, where you direct the weapon completely by your mouse. I especially like the "arena"-mode, where you fight waves of enemies. It's really funny to severe limb for limb from orcs and other opponents. :D
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 15:20 
Excellent game with a astonishing graphic for its time. You have full 360 degree-freedom to fly around in a versatile little ship to clean various mineshaft-labyrinths of rebelling robots. Cool enemy-design and a lot of action. Very recommended.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 15:17 
Ween is a strange adventure with various bizarre moments and characters. I like it's original and different worlds.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 15:15 
Fascinating, very atmospheric iso-game with a intriguing vampire-plot. Recommended!
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 15:15 
A charming, almost forgotten adventure in the age of musketeers. I loved the graphic design and the quirky sidekick characer.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 15:13 
I love this game. The story is around templar-knights and a time-voyage back to the middleages. It's the last game in the old graphic-style of Alone in the Dark, but I like it's design. The gameplay is sometimes very unforgiving - in other words: if you step forward to much, you can get instantly killed. But the medieval atmosphere in an old monastery was very fascinating. I recommend it to everyone who likes Alone in the Dark parts 1-3.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 15:07 
For me, StS2 is simply one of the funniest and most entertaining games ever programmed. It has a dark, sometimes mean humor and features a really dislikeable main character. One of my alltime-favourites.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 15:05 
One of the better interactive movie-adventures in my opinion. It's a classical spooky-mansion-story with a young couple suffering under the influence of a long dead magician. The game features some really disturbing movie sequences.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 15:02 
In this part of QfG, the former hero-apprentice of Spielburg visits a sinister land full of dark myths and bad omens. I found this part of the series to be the most atmospheric, but I didn't like the combat system, which seemed to be much more "arcade" than the others. The game features an interesting and compelling atmosphere and story.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 15:00 
In this 3rd part of the QfG-series, our hero (hero of Spielburg, Prince of Shapeir so far...) visits a africanesque land full of dangers and adventure. I loved the design of the main city of the game, but I found the world to be a little bit empty between the main places of the game.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 14:58 
Beautiful remake of QfG2, excellent appealing graphics and a extraordinar soundtrack. The only thing I don't like is the combat. I found it to be very unforgiving.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 14:57 
The second part of the QfG-series offers an exotic oriental setting. I didn't like the timelimitation for the first quests.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 14:55 
My favourite QfG-Part. Its really userfriendly, offers various characters, a beautiful graphicstyle and is a very convincing blend of adventure and rpg.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 14:52 
Fascinating and somewhat grim Lovecraftesque adventure. It has a really sharp atmosphere which can be frightening sometimes.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 14:49 
My favourite Sherlock Holmes-game so far. I don't like the silver earring and all the newer attempts. I found this one to be very close to the feeling of Doyles characters. Its story develops very slowly, but that's the thing I like. It's a victorian-age adventure, not a actiongame after all. Highly recommended for all fans of Doyles Sherlock Holmes-stories.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 14:45 
A charming little adventure like in the old days of the early nineties. It features nothing special, but I found it relaxing and funny, without real highlights but also without being a waste of time.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 14:42 
I love Loom for its special atmosphere. It feels sometimes like a very refreshing, originally crafted little fairytale. The graphics of the vga-version are also very appealing. However, it's a relatively short game, so don't plan to much time to finish it.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 14:40 
An interesting "myst-clone" from sierra from 1996. The game starts really creepy and fascinating, the atmosphere gets a little bit down later, but is a thoroughly entertaining piece of software. You have to like "machinesque" puzzledesign though, for a lot of puzzles are based on technical aspects.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 14:36 
I don't really like the first LoK, mainly because of the frustrating labyrinth-parts. I advise to use a walkthrough in these parts, it saves a lot of nerves. On the other hand, the game is well done in a appealing graphic-style but with a "flat" main-character.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 14:34 
Sweet adventure with a sweet heroine ;) However, I found the puzzles to be very irritating sometimes. I especially liked the background-graphics.
|  Alexander Meltinus
23.04.2012, 14:31 
Phantastic game with an excellent story rich of different subplots and a intriguing setting (a Orient Express-ride right before WW1 breaks out). I especially love the "realtime"-feature. It's something you don't find often in games (The Case of the Cautious Condor is another one that features it). It also serves a extremely immersive world with very deep characters. Highly recommended!
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