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OK, I have managed to get to the game playing, but can't seem to figure out how to choose which human I want to use. Is there instructions for game playing somewhere? I just don't remember it's been so long. I know that Z is the fire key, and you move them with the arrow keys. The space bar goes between the men in the blocks at the bottom of the frame, but how to lock on your choice, I can't remember. Also can't remember how to pick something up or drop it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Again, thanks, Sandie
Hi DJ, Yes, I downloaded and installed from your package, so thank you very much. Can't wait to play it. It's been so long since the last time. It was may favorite PC game, but it was before we even had Internet connection here, and the PC was used for personal matters only, and a bit of game playing. I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you again, for your help. Sandie
Anyone have any suggestions here. Haven't played this game for a long time, and can't figure out how to get started. It says to match the image shown, and enter the 4-digit code to begin. Can't figure out how that is done. I've used the arrow keys, the number pad, anything I thought might work, and totally stumped. Any suggestions? I would love to have another go-round with this game. Have missed it for a long time. Thanks. :)
Results: 3 [ 1-3/3 ]   «previous 0 next»

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