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Thanks yet again. I've been readjusting them and STILL it seems to just move on its own. Noobness kicking in here.I'm
Thanks DJ...One more noob question...The joystick and timed options that you stated..Are those the only 2 options I would try to reconfigure?
I'm trying to play Front Page Sports Football 95 and when it asks to calibrate my controller at the start. I do what it says (Hold joystick upper right and hit a button; etc) but wehen I go to play it seems that I cant control my players? Any ideas?***Partial SOLVED** I CAN control players BUT, it keeps pulling to the right ..Is there somewhere I can mess with the config and redo my buttons?
22.03.2012, 19:14 
I was a member a while back and just got settled in..Relocated to Alabama and now have a little free I've missed this site. So many great games and always helpful members. Granted, Im still a " noob " in many aspects I still hope to contribute and help if I can. Thanks for having me. Feels good to be back. :)
Feeels so bad knowing that I got rid of this game many,many years ago..Now I regret Is there a CD-ISo format of this on OldGames?? I can't seem to get DosBox going on my Windows 7, 64 bit..SO, at least with the CD-ISO format I can mount it and play. Much appreciated if anyone has any versions of Front Page Sports Football in CD-ISO format. Thank you.
For the life of me I cannot get DosBos 7.4 to work on my Windows 7, 64 bit. I tried to 1st get it to run but, it seems like it starts to laod then I see the Dosbox screen then it just closes the winodow. Also, I tried to add some games to the game folder and I guess I messed it all up. Is there a " noob " friendly how-to install DosBox for Windows 7? Thanks.***UPDATE** Got it running but CANNOT set XBOX 360 controller to the game???****I cant seem to reset my controller which keeps pulling to the left...hellllp..:)
15.01.2009, 01:32 
Any chance for any of the Football Pro series making it to DJ Games? Wasted so many teenage hours with the 96
15.01.2009, 01:10 
I just happened across this site. It's the best! It brings back memories of games I always wanted to complete..and now I can. Thanks for all the hard work you guys/gals do.
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